Sweden’s new
Crime Writing Festival

August 3-5 2017 the successful Crime Writing Festival ”Crimetime Gotland“ will take place in Visby for the second time. Scandinavia’s latest meetingpoint for everyone who loves crime!

For 3 days you are encouraged to mingle with your favourite crime writers, participate in seminars, go on excursions and crimewalks on the trail of famous suspense plots, attend writing courses, solve mysteries, watch films along with much, much more.

The Crime Writing Festival offers more than 100 items on the programme and a long guestlist with more than 50 authors from Sweden and abroad.

Elly Griffiths (UK), Jane Harper (AUS), Unni Lindell (NO), Torkil Damhaug (NO), John Ajvide Lindqvist, Camilla Läckberg, Malin Persson Giolito, Jens Lapidus, Katarina Wennstam, Mari Jungstedt, Denise Rudberg, Anna Jansson among many others. The whole line up will be presented in spring 2017.

About Crimetime Gotland

The festival is arranged on several stages in central Visby, Gotlands biggest town, at the conference centre Wisby Strand, Clarion Hotel Wisby, Donners Hotel and in the Almedallibrary among other locations.

In the beautiful Almedalsparken there will be a stage for children and family as well as a special festival bookshop where the crimewriters will sign their books. And it will also be possible to enjoy food and beverages in a cosy reading atmosphere.

The festival starts on Thursday the 3th of August and continues until Saturday evening on the 5th of August.

Besides that there will be excursions and crimewalks held by crimewriters from the island of Gotland – don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to explore Visby and other beautiful parts of this mythical island in the footsteps of gotlandic crimes.
Further items of the festivalprogram will soon be released, among which you will find a real crime scene investigation which you are allowed to attend.
And much, much more!

Entrance fees and practical things

3-day-ticket: 795 Swedish Crowns (about 60 GBP)
1-day-ticket: 350 Swedish Crowns  28 GBP) for adults and 175 Swedish Crowns (about 14 GBP) for those between 13 and 18.
Free entrance for children under 13 in adult company.

All regular seminars, author interviews, screenings etc. of the Crimetime Gotland Festival are included in the ticket price. For excursions and additional activities you need a separate ticket. The festival wristband is considered as the entrance ticket for the day you have chosen. Free entrance for children under 13 in adult company. Those between 13 and 18 do get 50% discount on all various tickets.

More about Gotland: http://www.gotland.se/english

Gotland is a very special and magical place. It is one of Sweden’s most popular summer destinations. Beautiful beaches, a rich history and a welcoming climate (Gotland is usually one of the most sunniest places in Sweden!) contribute to the island’s popularity.

Visby was one of the biggest and most important trading towns of the Baltic Region in medieval times. It even belonged to the Hanseatic League, a commercial and defensive confederation of merchant guilds and their market towns. The famous medieval wall surrounding the Old Town of Visby is the most well preserved medieval city wall in Northern Europe. The houses and churchruins in the narrow alleys remind you of Visby’s Golden Age in the 13th century. Today, Visby has about 24.000 inhabitants and belongs to the UNESCO World Heritage since 1995.

Crimetime Gotland Festival, and all participating crimewriters are looking forward to this summer’s most thrilling weekend – together with you and your friends!

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